Nature Elements

Sometimes is strange the way I remember you.
A completely different drawing of you in my mind.
Different colors, different shades
And a song that allows me to walk through the streets of New York with you.
And I'm here now, far from home, and that song everywhere, as if you were here as well
As if you were young for ever now
Shining with that beautiful light you used to have and you lost somehow through the years.
Wish you were really here
Wish you were like this flawless memory.
The paradise you showed us
The dirt inside the orange tent
The imagination and the woods and the dogs and the cold water.
The books covered in dust at the warehouse, you childhood adventures.
Our childhood adventures.
And it was so sad to see you sad.
I'm so sorry we couldn't show you how to walk away from loneliness.
The poetry you wrote in your notebooks
Reflections of ourselves now forever linked with your permanence in this world.
Your eyes and your knowledge
Your blue-green-honey eyes.
I love you now with all the words I can use to invoke you.
And the mistakes you've made are buried now somewhere beyond memory.

I see the crystal raindrops fall / and the beauty of it all / when the sun comes shining through / to make those rainbows in my mind.

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