Golden Morning

I open the window and the cold comes in
covering the house of this grey too huge city
and the fog
and the rain
and the cold
you say I should get used to it
I know I won't
I love I won't
She sings in the forest, her guitar, it howls
And I'm scared of time
As I always was
In love with this scare of time.
I'm older now
I feel the wind talking to me
saying I'm older now.
And I've walked so far
And I've cried my way here
All those tears of strength
I can prove you
I can prove myself
There's even more than this right now
There's even more than that golden dream
There's even more.

Loneliness of art
How beautiful is the silence
of the words you didn't write.
Sand through our fingers
As I watch the planes up in the air
We've been up there a few times now.

The rush of our life, just screaming in whispers
We won't hide from the pain
It aches some times
But the wind speaks again, and again
You are here right now
Where you wanted to be

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Lucia Palachi dijo...

I know I won't .Pasa. A mi me espera mi primera navidad invernal.