In the middle of the night
I lie in the silence of unfound words.
As the poetry in my head moves with ease,
but it does not even touch my fingers.
I get up and start to write, helplessly.
I only notice the ligh on my legs, that warms my skin while I blame the winter for its dryness,
my turntable, so still in the darkness of the livingroom,
my records, my books, the unlit candles,
the lights from the sleeping city outside my balcony,
but no trace of the poetry that kept me awake.
Only the memory of a friend of her.
His eyes behind thick glasses and a shy smile.
His conclution: "Poetry is that time of night, lying in bed, thinking what you really think, making the private world public, that's what the poet does."
I was thinking what I really think.
I still don't know how to make it public.
I'll keep on trying.

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