Lights on the ceiling

I took a shower because it was almost time for you to get back.
I thought it would be nice to wait for you all clean and perfumed.
You told me your bus was leaving at 6 AM, so you we’re probably arriving here in 30 minutes.
I lay on your bed, with my wet hair. I was wearing only my underwear.
I thought you would make love to me when you get here.
I thought you couldn’t wait any longer.
I waited looking at the ceiling watching all the lights around. How beautiful your bedroom looked like with the reflection of the cars passing beside your window. I pictured both of us in here, kissing and fooling around. Laughing.
The time went slowly. Amazingly slowly. -Am I that bored?– I thought.
-I think I miscalculate the time.- You were getting here quite later than what I have guessed.
I was paying too much attention to every sound and every movement around me. The summer was falling hard on me, but I didn’t even bother turning the air conditioner on. –I’ll do that when you get here
But the alarm was never from your car.
And the footsteps were never from your boots.
And then, when I was almost asleep, someone kissed my cheek.
You did.
Then you kissed my lips, and you told me you’ve missed me.
But you had to leave again, for an hour or two.
You promised you’ll stay with me all night long after you finished that job.
You kissed me again and you went through the front door without noticing how wet my hair was.
I hope you make love to me when you get home this time.
Cause I can not wait any longer…

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daydreamer dijo...

hola! gracias (: yo tambien estuve leyendo un poco el tuyo, muy interesante. nos leemos entonces tocaya jaja, un beso.