Patti, en el piso 25

We do not eat
flower of creation.
We do not eat,
eat anything at all.
Love is, love was, love is a manifestation.
I'm waiting for a contact to call.
Love's war. Love's cruel.
Love's pretty, love's pretty cruel tonight.
I'm waiting here to refuel.
I'm gonna make contact tonight.
Love in my heart.
The night to exploit.
Twenty-five stories over Detroit,
and there's more
up there, up there, up there.

stoned in space. zeus. christ.
It has always been rock
and so it is and so it shall be.
within the context of neo rock
we must open up our eyes and seize
and rend the veil of smoke which man calls order.
pollution is a necessary result of the inability of man
to reform and transform waste.
the transformation of waste
the transformation of waste
the transformation of waste
the transformation of waste
is perhaps the oldest pre-occupation of man.
man being the chosen alloy,
he must be reconnectedvia shit, at all cost.
inherent with(in) us is the dream of the task
of the alchemist to create from the clay of man.
and to re-create from excretion of man
pure and then soft and then solid gold.

all must not be art. some art we must disintegrate.
positive (anarchy must exist.)

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