Blueberry II

What is beautiful? 
I wanna go through the light and fall in love again.
I don't care if I’ve suffered 1, 2, 3, a million times before
Love’s just like that
Life’s just like that
Colorful and dark at the same time.
Our youth is probably the best thing we got.
The most beautiful at least
All those kisses and conversations with strangers or our best friends.
People we know everything about, or nothing at all.
Do you even know a better or more intriguing mystery than that???
People, places, relationships...
Even missing words out of context.
The world. The whole world in a glass of beer, inside an endless night.
We could find out every single secret of the earth, but we just don't want to.
We don't have enough time to enjoy this kind of life, and also take care of those matters.
We just don't.
I wanna be young for ever.
Is that even possible?

I think so…

I want the music loud
And the hours long
And sleep at day.
And my life between the darkness of the night and the light you give to my eyes when you look at me so close.

That’s beautiful for me.

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ami dijo...

words are beautifull