And I found that round here
In this city
That I won't disappear
In this city
I got nothing to fear
In this city, In this city
I've been down here/Down these roads/People pass through/Some stay some go/Standing here broke/Not a penny to my name/But she says she loves me all the same/I try my best/And you do too/And all you want is something you can move to/Everybody's gotta get their kicks somewhere/Everybody gotta fit in somewhere/There's, an open road/And I'm traveling down/Don't know where to go/But I lock and load/Shoot that sky till the moon explode/Moon explode/Now we're laying in a field/White flowers on our backs/Talking bout home/But we can't go back/I guess that's why we left/So we could take a step/Keep moving and forget the rest.

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